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Dubai is an exciting place, an ultimate tourist destination that one must visit in their lifetime. It is also a major stopping off destination for long haul flights that gives an opportunity to experience the best of Dubai even if it is for a short period. Dubai has many interesting places to visit and also offers exciting experiences. To experience the best of Dubai, choose a tour operator who can provide you with good Dubai tour packages that combines adventure, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.

Best of Dubai Tour Packages:

No matter how many times you travel to Dubai, you will always want bazinga to go back to the city. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations, purely because of the host of experiences this city has to offer. Kids and adults are sure to enjoy this place that has unique experience to offer to every age group. There are different types of Dubai tour packages that reputed travel agents offer, these packages include:

• Air tickets
• Accommodation with breakfast at luxury hotels
• Sightseeing
• Pick up and drop off facilities

Abu Dhabi Tour Package:

Your Dubai trip is incomplete without a visit to Abu Dhabi, a great place to unwind by the beach or just enjoy a day out at the famous Ferrari world amusement park. Abu Dubai is well connected by road and is just few hours’ drive from Dubai. Your Abu Dhabi tour package will include a visit to the palace, a day out at the Ferrari world and a visit to the famous formula one circuit. There are also some beautiful mosques that boast of great architecture and are worth seeing. The best thing about your Abu Dhabi tour is you can cycle along the beach on exclusive and safe cycling lanes. It truly makes for a great experience. To make the most of your tour, you should ideally choose to stay overnight at Abu Dhabi and return to Dubai the next day.

Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi:

Ferrari world is a Ferrari themed amusement park in Abu Dhabi and is spread over an area of 200,000 square meters. It is the largest indoor amusement park in the world and offers exciting entertainment for all age groups. The main attraction here is the world’s largest roller coaster named Ferrari Rossa. There are also over 20 unique rides and simulator games for kids and adults. There is also a Ferrari museum that showcases different types of Ferrari cars and stores with Ferrari merchandise. Italian cuisine is widely available at the park along with a variety of other mouthwatering delicacies. It is a place that you shouldn’t miss for anything. Therefore, when booking your Dubai tour packages, make sure that your tour operator includes a one day trip to this world class amusement park in Abu Dhabi.


If you’re considering a trip to the United Arab Emirates you may be trying to decide between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Both cities have a lot to offer but each is unique in its own way. Below you’ll find some useful tips and insights into what each city offers.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a dynamic commercial metropolis. The city is located on an island and is joined to the main land by bridges. The Emirate includes many small islands, some of which are wildlife sanctuaries, as well as wetlands and mangrove colonies.

Abu Dhabi is home to one of the UAE’s top landmarks, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, marble, precious stones, gold, ceramics and crystals were used to create this masterpiece. With more than 2,000 parks, gardens, a 7km long beachfront promenade and 10km of beaches Abu Dhabi is one of the UAE’s greenest cities.

The cosmopolitan city with many expatriates has a variety of cuisines on offer. You can find Arab food as well as South Asian cuisines. Shopping at the Abu Dhabi Mall is a pleasure, there are cinemas, activities for families and of course top brand name stores.

While in Abu Dhabi visit Ferrari World; the Emirates National Auto Museum; the Emirates Palace; visit the zoo; attend events at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Center and the Saadiat cultural island that is being developed to house branches of the Louvre, Guggenheim and other museums and performing arts centers.

The island is home to golf clubs, beach resorts and restaurants. For families Yas Island has non-stop entertainment including a huge water park and world class race track.


Dubai is a city which dazzles visitors with its state-of-the-art architecture and skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa and the man-made islands like the Palm. However it also has many historic sites. Dubai is the most expensive city in the Middle East and the rich, famous and celebrity visitors enjoy top luxury accommodation services and attractions.

The latest addition to the Dubai landscape is Dubai Flower Centre, the world’s largest flower garden.

Dubai has a diverse cultural population with over 84% of residents being foreign born. To see the traditional culture of the UAE visit the Dubai Creek. The cuisine in Dubai is predominantly Arabic with South Asian and Chinese fast food outlets.

Up-market restaurants offer a wide range of international cuisines, especially in the luxury hotels. Biryani is one of the most popular Dubai dishes. Alcohol is available in bars and hotels but only to non-Muslims.

Dubai is known for its nightlife and there are bars and clubs, mostly within hotels. For entertainment there is the largest cinema complex in the UAE in the Dubai Mall, the Heritage Village where you can see traditional dancing, taste traditional food and learn about the Bedouin culture.

Dubai is famous for shopping, the Dubai Mall is one of the world’s largest shopping complexes, with entertainment, dining and many, many stores.

Not to miss sites in Dubai include the Bastakiya District where you can see Old Dubai; Dubai Museum; Jumeirah Mosque; the Dubai Fountain; Dubai Marina; Wild Wadi Water Park; zoo; play golf; the beaches and watersports; the indoor ski center and ice rink. The desert is easily accessible and many tourists take tours into the desert for sand sports like dune bashing.

So you see both cities really have a lot to offer, perhaps consider visiting both or making a day trip from one to the other.

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