Top Worst Jobs In The World

You may sometimes feel like your job should be counted in the top worst jobs in the world. This happens especially when you are loaded with deadlines you have to meet in very little time. To make matters worse, you may have a boss who makes your life hell by calling you up for work at ungodly hours. And then you have painful clients who make you regret the day you took your job. Considering the fact that this was never what you dreamed of before you started your career, you might even start thinking of making a leap.

Quitting may seem like the only option you have left. Whether out of desperation or sheer annoyance, you just think this is your final decision. However, before you quit, consider a few of these job options that will make you thankful that you don’t have one of the real top worst jobs in the world:

– Manure inspection – The name alone should be enough to suggest why this job is counted among the worst occupations. Although a great service to the agriculture industry, manure inspection requires going through animal waste to check for any contaminant.

– Cleaning portable toilets – A list of worst professions in the world would be incomplete without this one. No prize for guessing why it is one of the top worst jobs anyone could have.

– Cleaning up the crime scene – Most awful careers such as this one can be gross because you never know how bad the scene is going to be. You may be required to wipe off blood, and work with dead bodies and even clean out the crime scene. It is surely the kind of job that will affect you mentally. Certainly not recommended for the faint-hearted and totally understandable as one of the top worst jobs.

– Road-kill collection – If you have ever seen a road-kill collector work, you will know why it is one of the worst jobs. Quite similar to crime scene cleaning, road-kill collection requires people to clean up dead animal remains that may even be decomposed. If that wasn’t enough to land it in the top worst jobs, consider the fact that road-kill collectors have to work with continuous ongoing traffic.

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