Online Marketing Words

The importance of words in our online marketing cannot be overstated. At all levels of our internet marketing business we rely on words to get the facts and the details across. As we rarely meet our customers face to face we need to ensure that our use of marketing language really ‘tells the tale’ with accuracy and honesty.

In our choice of domain names we need to select a name that makes it clear to internet users just what our business is all about. Sometimes it is possible to incorporate our company name, our own name or our product niche. Whenever possible that is obviously ideal.

We use words on our webpages, in our emails, in our web-ads and in our off-line promotions. When it comes to producing sales letters many marketers prefer to outsource the responsibility to experienced copywriters whose very existence is built upon use of words. Even if you use outsourcing, it is worth while attempting to learn the art of writing sales letters, etc. so that you can eventually take over that task yourself.

There is an old apocryphal saying in the UK (especially in England) that the top public schools teach their students never to use two short words where six long ones will do. That simply would never do in our line of business. Internet marketing words need to be succinct, even pithy, in order to get across our meaning as easily and completely as possible. Hyperbole, sadly, is so often encountered in sales material; “this is the best opportunity on the internet today”, or “earn £30,000 by next Tuesday working 3 minutes a day”. Internet users have become hardened to that approach and treat such claims with fully justified suspicion. You will keep a list full of happy customers if you tell them the truth and meet their expectations. In internet marketing it is said that we under-promise and over-deliver rather than the other way around.

Whether you write your own copy or outsource it, do ensure that the quality of the grammar is of the highest possible standard. The dubious grammar and poor spelling encountered all too often on the internet is a source of real irritation to many readers. If you antagonise people they are hardly likely to become customers. Use your Spellchecker! There is no need to use long words or flowery language, indeed, it’s better if you don’t, especially in a sales letter. Try to use emotive words to catch the imagination of the reader. Remember, – we are usually selling to what people want rather than what they need. Incorporate anecdotes and moments of humour to encourage your reader to keep reading. Initial contact letters and emails should be short and to the point, encouraging the reader to visit a particular website. Once they are genuinely looking for more information and are in a positive frame of mind, then, and only then, do you tell the whole story with a much more detailed and meaty presentation.

Words should be your friend in any form of marketing. However, if you don’t use them well they can all too easily become your enemy. If you can do your own copywriting, that’s great, it’s something that every internet marketer should aspire to. If you really don’t trust your writing skills then outsource the work and get an expert to do it for you; – the cost is not great and the improved sales will soon pay off your outlay.

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