Knowing the Words and/or Singing With Passion in Your Online Business

We have all heard it. You think you know the song. It sounds like the song you know when the person starts to sing it. Yes, you do know it. You close your eyes and remember a very special time or person who was with you when you heard the song. It became very special in that very moment. The same is true in your online business. Knowing what to do is just as important as performing your activities with passion and heart.

But wait a minute you say. You understand what to do right? You have been making the big money and now are looking for more ways to spend it than there is sand on the beach. You have it nailed down. You can tell someone exactly what to do, how to do it and how to teach others to make the big money you know your sponsored associates want to earn to.

You have been to the seminar, last month, last week, last year. You took great notes and you texted and Tweeted and Facebooked all the peeps at home. They saw where and what you were eating what you were wearing and all the pictures that were taken by the big banner signs for the company, near the stage. In the workshops, you learned that when things go well, you should let those know it did in a nice meaningful way. If it didn’t go so well, still point out what did go well and move on. You vowed that this is your time, this is the year you will find yourself on that stage. What could possibly hold you back? You know the words as they would say. You know what to do to make your online business shoot to the top. You are your own boss. You are the CEO. You loved that last workshop. It has helped you the most.

The words continue to bring you closer to that fine memory of how the song is supposed to be sung. You can remember where you were. You remember your favorite place to hear that song and to sing along. All your senses remind you. What has made such a great impression on you? You know this song so well you even know all the verses. It was written so many years ago, you don’t even know, but you do know that when you hear the introduction and the first verse ends, you know how each following verse starts and ends. It doesn’t even matter that you can or cannot sing. You sing anyway!

What was that again? Those aren’t the words. I know those aren’t the words, your brain suddenly forces you back to reality. What did she sing? Your brain wasn’t in this verse. Your brain was in the other verse. How could she cheat you out of the rest of the verse you were in and take you to somewhere that is uncomfortable and not at all the memory you know? All eyes are on her. She hasn’t missed a beat, but no one has retained their memories. Her passion is shining through, she has some style and appears to not know, or at least not let you know, that she does not know the words to our National Anthem. How can you not know the words if you know that millions will be watching? How can you not know what to do in your online business if you know one person is watching?

The truth is, you need to not only know the words, you need to know how to share them with passion. It doesn’t matter if you are whispering, speaking or, singing. It doesn’t matter how many people are listening or how many memories are lost. It doesn’t matter if it is the National Anthem, your business presentation or your online business presence. It should always be your best. You will want to be remembered for your best, not for what mistake you made or which verse you forgot. The passion will shine through in your confidence and in the way others perceive your footsteps. Your bank account will reflect how you followed the band, how you focused on your best performance yet, how your online business proves to others that not only does it work. It will work for them too.

Healthy Habit: Did you eat too much this past weekend? Start Monday, not thinking you will lose 10 pounds by week’s end, but in moderation and eating what your body needs, not all that you think will satisfy you. Moderation will make you happier and when you have lost that pound at the end of the week, you’ll be smiling!

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