How to Get Everyone Talking About YOUR Online Business, MLM Or Network Marketing Business

GET TO KNOW YOUR customers and the market in you’re network marketing business. Keep informed about what’s going on in your industry. The online business community is forever changing, always keep your eye out for the latest wave in technology or marketing technique that could put you in front of the rest. This is ‘content’ information. Learn about criteria and values words in your online business industry. Then you’ll have a place to start with your advertising.

This technique is a great way to get everyone talking about what you have to offer. And a valuable lesson you will use in your marketing many times over. I know I will and this is one of the key components that has turned me from struggling MLM’er to a confident online Network Marketer and finally seeing my goals become a reality.

SINCE WORDS are what we attach to meaning, they are valuable. So do your home work or, here’s one for you: CREATE NEW WORDS!! That’s right, be the first on your block to have the WOW the new XYZ!!! get them talking!

IS IT DIFFICULT? No, people do it every day. As a matter of fact, people make lots of money just coming up with new words for companies all the time. How do you think companies come up with
brand names for new products? Their is a clip from Eben Pagen that will help you get really creative with this. You can find it on my blog at the bottom of the page.

I REMEMBER my dad telling me about when he first tried rum, it was in the ’80’s from seeing a billboards around that had a great picture of a pirate and the words ‘Captain Morgan is Coming’. Dad said he and mum wondered, ‘Who is Captain Morgan? Is it a new musical group, a new radio personality?’ Well, after a few months, they learned that ‘Captain Morgan’ was not a person, or persons, but the name of a rum!

THEY LAUGHED AND THOUGHT that was really cool because they got so curious and kept that curiosity. Dad said “we, ourselves, are not particularly rum drinkers, but after a few more months, we just had to buy a bottle and try it out!! We were still curious!!!” The state remained constant even though the reference, for my parents, had changed from person to thing!

SO, YOU HAVE A unique product or service? Think about it. Now think about what it does FOR THE CUSTOMER!! What’s the Benefit? What’s the Value? Now, as you think about it, fully associate into it and say the first thing that comes to your mind once fully associated. Write it down. This is your new BUZZ WORD

NOW YOU GET YOUR NEW “buzz word”, but here’s the special part about buzzwordinging, it’s best done in 3 steps:
Step 1: Buzzword with someone who is familiar with your product or service, maybe they work with you, for example.
Step 2: Do not buzzword more than 3 times and write all the possibilities down.
Step 3: Test with people OUTSIDE your company to find out what it does for them. They should be, at least, familiar with your company and/or industry, they could be a customer who you can trust to give you honest feedback. You could try this with your face book group or any other forum or online group you may be part of that shares the same business interests with. It’s a bit like starting a rumour have some fun with it BUT…

DO NOT explain the product or service first. Just give them the word(s) and ask them if it interests them to know more. If yes, then explain the product or service by sending them to your website and ask them if it matches your new word(s) make sure they know their feed back is the most important thing. If not, not to worry, it’s the attention getting thing that counts most!! If the word(s) do not get them to want to know more, use the other first and second ones. If you do get a lot of curiosity it could pay to hang it out a little and get people talking and building more curiosity.

THE REASON TO SAVE the first couple and not to go beyond 3 tries at buzzwordinging to me is, having been involved video marketing, the first recording session take is almost always
the best. This is because of the emotional state that people are in ‘at first’. After that, if they decide to take other takes, they go for that ‘perfection’ thing, and often times get frustrated, and then end up with a less effective performance lacking feeling and emotion because it has been taken over with control.

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