Promotional Plastic Beer Mugs: 5 Tips For Using Promotional Plastic Beer Mugs To Liven Up Your Brand

Promotional plastic beer mugs are colorful, cost-effective and versatile. Best of all, when imprinted with a company brand these reusable plastic steins provide long-term repeat exposure. They work great as inexpensive giveaways for festive holiday parties, trade show giveaways or most any corporate event. Custom plastic beer steins will evoke fun event memories too. Customized with a logo these fun inexpensive mugs can be used for any type of beverage and will look great.

1) Restaurants love these reusable custom beer mugs. They can be printed with the restaurant name for use in the dining room, given away at special events or sold as souvenirs to customers. Some businesses will run a promotion that gives customers a free cup and a discount when they bring the cup back for repeat dining visits. This marketing idea that entices them to return and that means more food purchases as well.

2) Promotional drinkware can mean a lot of repeat brand exposure to your target audience, customers, potential customers, even employees. Imprinted with your logo, a reusable item like promotional plastic beer mugs will shout your message over and over to the user and everyone around them.

3) Fond memories of the event and the durability of plastic steins will cause these simple mugs to become a favorite cup. Because they’ll love it they want to use it often thus providing even more brand exposure.

4) Use these handy items can be used around the office, at company picnics, golf outings, while commuting, at sports gatherings… The ideas are only limited by one’s imagination. Because they’re plastic, the shipping cost is less than traditional or glass mugs and there is far less concern for breakage.

5) Promotional plastic beer mugs are one of the more popular custom promotional products used for branding today. Plastic mugs work for all types of beverages, are long-lasting and come in a variety of sizes and colors. There is one to compliment just about any promotional project or event.

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