The Plastic Packaging “Avengers”

In a world where there is a vast amount of packaging needs and demands, one plastic bag cannot do it all. There needs to be a variety of plastic bags each with its own abilities and “superpowers”. In the plastic packaging industry the various plastic bags are our “Avengers.” When all of these plastic bags are available to the world there is no plastic packaging need that will go unfulfilled. The real Avengers were labeled “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” and this fits perfectly with plastic bags. The raw materials used to produce plastic bags are derived from ethane, a waste product in the oil and gas refining process. As a result, converting ethane into plastic actually reduces the number of greenhouse gas emissions compared to burning ethane as a waste product. So, without further interruption lets introduce the plastic bags that make up the heroes of the packaging world. Plastic Bags Assemble!!

Flat Bags (Captain America)

Flat plastic bags are the most commonly used poly bags and the one that all others look up to. The Captain America of plastic packaging is two dimensional and comes in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors and thicknesses. Because of its versatility flat poly bags can package a wide array of products including: food, part kits, medical supplies and consumer goods. Flat poly bags can either be side or bottom seal depending on the various applications. Bottom seal flat poly bags are more leak proof and work perfect for liquid applications while side seal flat poly bags are used mostly for retail and smaller items. Flat plastic bags, just like Captain American, can be the perfect way to make any product stand out amongst the crowd.

Handle Bags and Poly Header Bags (Iron Man)

Handle plastic bags feature a handle at the top of the poly bag to assist consumers in carrying items. The Iron Man of plastic bags grabs the attention of any passerby like Tony Stark himself, with its ability to show colored designs and logos. Handle plastic bags are most commonly used for retail merchandise, tradeshows, carry-out products and special events. Handle plastic bags can have a multitude of styles including: draw card bags, draw tape bags, patch handle bags, rigid snap handle bags, fold over die cut bags and single layer die cut bags.

Poly Header Bags provide a separate section at the top of the poly header bag for a punch hole and/or printing which makes it ideal for hanging and rack display packaging. This separate section is perfect to put production information and company logos. The ability to add an optional punch hole allows the bag to hang for presentation on retail display racks, a Tony Stark recommendation. Poly header bags are bottom loaded and heat sealed closed for protection.

Liners (Incredible Hulk)

Liners represent the muscle and sheer strength in the plastic packaging dynamic. They protect containers or products from moisture and contaminates. They fit inside a box, case bin or drum. Liners are designed to provide protection during every stage of the production process. Liners can be custom made up to the 6 mil gauge which guarantees strength and durability. Form fitting side gussets allow the liner to conform to the shape of any container. They can be used to store and transfer raw materials in Gaylord liners, bin liners and drum liner. Liners can also be used in the shipment of finished goods such as box liners. Unlike the Hulk, you want to see this plastic packaging angry.

Gusseted Bags (Thor)

Gusseted plastic bags are ideal for liners and retail display packaging due to their form fitting ability and strength.Gusseted plastic bags can be manufactured as either a side gusset or bottom gusset bag depending on the specific application. Side gusseted plastic bags fold along the side of the bag which creates a square/rectangle shape on the bottom. This shape is perfect for liners and small/light items for retail display. The fold creates a smaller face size for larger bags which makes it easier to handle and transport. Bottom gusseted plastic bags fold at the bottom which allows the opening to expand into a square shape. This expanded rectangular shape of the bag form fits to any product inside, which create a more aesthetic look for display packaging. Perfect for transporting Mjolnir, the square-headed gray war hammer Thor adores.

Wicket Bags and Quick Fill Bags (Hawkeye)

Equipped with Hawkeye’s accurate and quick tactics, wicket bags are individually cut bags used for automated speed loading on specialized packaging equipment. Open on one sidefor easy access, wicket bags may be blown open so products can easily be inserted to reduce handling time and increase production rates. A U-shaped metal wicket is inserted through two holes at the top lip to pack and hold the wicket bag together. Wicket bags can be printed on both sides in up to six colors to easily brand products on retail shelves.

Quick fill bags are pre-opened on one side which provide automated production processes and minimized labor costs. They are mainly used for automated speed loading on specialized packaging equipment. Printed quick fill bags are a great way to brand your products on retail shelves and can be customized with six printed colors on two sides.

Ziplock Bags and Adhesive Tape Poly Bags (Black Widow)

When products need that sexy, jaw-dropping look while remaining highly efficient they require the Black Widow of the plastic packaging world; ziplock and tape bags. A zipper at the top of the reclosable ziplock plastic bag provides an easy-to-open option that can be resealed multiple times. Reclosable ziplock bags are used for a variety of applications and can package: food products, consumer products, house wares, cosmetics laboratory samples, medical supplies, powders and industrial products. If the ziplock bag needs an increased level of security a tamper evident ziplock bag can be produced.

Adhesive Tape Poly Bags feature a strip of tape at the top of the bag fortemporary or manual sealing processes. They are used for applications requiring one-time or very few recloses. Tape bags provide an excellent alternative when heat sealing is not an option. Adhesive tape bags are often used for: high level of security and protection, transfer of products during production and in non-perishable consumer products. Highly customizable adhesive tape bags can be designed to meet a variety of packaging needs. The tape can be located on a lip or inside the bag and the tape bags can be printed in up to six colors on two sides.

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