Tips for Busy People and Families Who Want Relevant World and National News

The truth is busy people don’t have time to filter through commentary, advertising, gossip, non-news, and bias to get the few headlines that matter. The evening TV news is a poor option for many families because the content is too unpredictable for kids (and we’re too tired to stay up for the late night broadcast).

I had a vague awareness it would be harder to keep up with current events when I became a mother. My best friend (a stay-at-home-mom of three) often jokes about how oblivious she feels about the state of the nation and world. She knows it’s important to be an informed citizen but is just too darned busy. I started to empathize when my son became a toddler and started to climb through, jump on, stick fingers in, or swallow everything in sight.

I hope one of these tools helps you can the news you want with time left to focus on your real priorities. I am a spreadsheet geek so for those of you who want comparisons of specific sites I’ve started one on my website (see the reference block). I will continue to update it regularly as I find new sources. Any of these solutions should keep you informed almost as well as before your time and brain were monopolized by your children, hobby, or job.

Independent News Sites

I admit, there’s no such thing as zero bias. The best you can hope for in a news site is one you can tailor or that already matches your interests. Look for front pages that have detailed headlines rather than long articles, are easy to read, and display well on your mobile device(s). The goal is to find something you can check at a glance and get the major headlines in about a minute. A good place to start is the Associated Press (AP) site as this not-for-profit is one of the most trusted sources of independent news worldwide.


Best Hybrid Cars – Your Hot List

With gas costs consistent expanding regular it is no big surprise the mixture vehicles are at long last getting famous. What are the best Hybrid vehicles? Allows find to out.

On account of the increasing expense of gas crossover vehicles are another idea to the vast majority. In any case, history reveals to us an account of pursuing an electric or steam fueled vehicle back the extent that the 1800’s. While the creators had little accomplishment in those days, that has changed today with the expense of gas.

Picking the best crossover vehicle is, in the same way as other things, an individual choice. One can look and peruse for quite a long time on the web the upsides and downsides of each settle on and model yet a definitive choice rests in your grasp. Presently I am not debilitating one to do investigate however don’t leave it alone your best way to settle on a choice.

Accumulate data to assist you with choosing the best mixture vehicles you are keen on and afterward go have a test drive with them all.

Picking a cross breed vehicle takes a touch seriously seeing, particularly thinking about the distinctions with them and a standard vehicle. Here are a few hints concerning half and half vehicles:

The heaviness of a vehicle, regardless of whether gas or cross breed, can truly play a deciding variable in utilizing less gas. Look at mixture vehicles that gauge less and analyze their gas mileage.

First stop ought to be the most well known and tried models. Here is the place where the web is a continuous saver. Look at gatherings and different spots vehicles proprietors hang out. Output these spots searching for indications of them having issues with the vehicles they have bought or if any have been reviewed.

Recollect you don’t need to surrender pleasant looking, fun vehicles to head to discover outstanding amongst other cross breed vehicles, numerous vehicle creators are utilizing their current famous gas models and offering a half and half form. In view of this you can in any case pick one with all the highlights you need.

Another alternative to consider is the pre-owned half and half market. While this market may not be enormous now the expense reserve funds to you and having the option to get a dependable vehicle ought to be thought of.

Recollect when searching for the best half and half vehicle for you this innovation is new and continually evolving. So in view of that here are 3 cross breed vehicles for you to investigate.

Honda Civic Hybrid

The Honda Civic half and half would be think about an old individual at this point being around for some time. Costs can very however it has a cost in the $20,000 dollar territory. Gas mileage fluctuates somewhere in the range of 47 and 48 mpg. With Honda’s amazing Civic history their cross breed vehicle adds delightfully to their line up of vehicles. Decent family vehicle, it has space for 5 individuals to agreeable ride in. Albeit more slow in force compensates for that in gas reserve funds.

Honda Insight

Honda’s Insight is a little two seater half breed vehicle with phenomenal efficiency, it rates 57 in the city and a pleasant 56 on the interstate. Having just 2 seats, this obviously doesn’t meet all requirements for a family vehicle however can be a significant bit of leeway for a couple of individuals. Enjoyable to drive an effectively on your pocket.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius crossover vehicle is my top pick since it offers the best presentation at the cost you get. It cost around $19,000 which is the least expensive out of the three. It has more drive at 110 hp and can do 60 city miles for every gallon and 51 thruway miles for each gallon. It is a family measured vehicle which can hold 5 individuals easily with some space left in the storage compartment.

The Prlus has won numerous hearts since it debut on the half breed scene and as it should be. Costing around the $20,000 mark it positions high for incredible gas mileage. 60 mpg in the city and a noteworthy 51 mpg on the expressway this vehicle will not send you to the bank for a gas advance. For all you torque enthusiasts out there it flaunts 110 hp. The Prius positions exceptionally high as an incredible family vehicle holding 5 individuals serenely and mucho space left over in the storage compartment. Generally Toyota has accomplished it’s home work and it shows with the ubiquity of this vehicle.

That ought to kick you off searching for the best half breed vehicles, so pick carefully and regardless of what gas costs are you can keep more cash in your pocket later on.



Successful People Live for a Mighty Purpose

George Bernard Shaw is one of my very favorite playwrights. I always enjoy a production of one of his plays. I quoted him in a recent article and I’d like to quote him again. He makes such a great point about how important a personal clarity of purpose and direction is to your career and life success.

“This is the true joy in life; being used for a purpose recognized by you as a mighty one; being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”

He’s talking about two things here: accomplishing a lot — being a “force of nature,” and more important, having a mighty purpose to direct that force. Your clarity of purpose and direction provides your foundation. From it, you can build the successful life and career that you want and deserve. The more clear and the more mighty your purpose and direction are, the stronger your foundation.

I’m a sixties guy. After all these years, my favorite recording artist is still Bob Dylan. My favorite Dylan song is “Forever Young.” He rerecorded and re-released it recently. Pepsi has picked it up and is using it in its ads that run on NFL games. I used one of the lines from it to introduce one of my books — “May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung.”

Check out some of the other lyrics…

“May your hands always be busy,
May your feet always be swift,
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift.”

By now you may be saying, “Get to the point, Bud.” So I will. You can begin your success journey by clarifying your purpose in life. Why are you on this earth? What are you meant to do? I believe that the more mighty this purpose, the more you are likely to succeed. A mighty purpose gives you that strong foundation “when the winds of changes shift.


Our Mighty Warrior

Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me…Say to my soul, “I am your salvation.” (Psalm 35:1a,3b) NIV

Our walk through life as followers of Christ, is often compared in Scripture to that of someone embarking on a journey. On this journey we may reach many places where we are filled with exceeding joy. But, there are other places where we are so overwhelmed by our troubles; so paralyzed by our fears that we can barely whisper a prayer. We feel drained of all strength and don’t see how we can continue on the Way.

King David finds himself in one of these bitter places when he calls on God to do the fighting for him. Those who know the story of David, knows that he was a renowned military champion. He defeated Goliath, the Philistine who drove fear even into the seasoned warriors of Israel, including the then King Saul. In fact, his military prowess evoked the praises of the people to the point that King Saul developed a murderous envy of David’s military feats. And yet, here we see this champion of the battle field calling on God to do the fighting for him. He knows that God is a military strategist without boundaries and so he prays that God will draw on His many powerful weapons to fight against those who fight against him.

One thing David did not do -he did not think that all is lost because his own strength failed him. No, he knew where his strength really came from. He understood that he had a Mighty Warrior at his side. So he calls on the strength of the Everlasting God, who does not grow weary.

He also understood that his soul needed to be comforted in this time and he asks that God will put his fears to rest and “say to my soul, ‘I am your salvation.'” With God on our side, the victory is sure. Even when all circumstances may be screaming”Defeat!”, we know that with Christ we will gain the victory. Therefore, we hope in the Lord and we trust in the power of His might, because He will never let the righteous fall or lose any of His chosen ones. He paid too high a price for them. They are precious in His sight. “No one will be condemned who takes refuge in Him.” (Psalm 34:22b).


Eureka Mighty Mite Product Review

Eureka 3670 Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum or simply Eureka Mighty Mite, is a lightweight and mighty canister vacuum. It weighs just under nine pounds or 4.5kg. It is an ideal vacuum cleaner for rugs and carpets, it does a formidable job on other flooring surfaces such are ceramic and vinyl tiles, wooden and granite floor surfaces.

Eureka brand was established at the beginning of the 20th century by the gentlemen by the name of Fred Wardell. He envisaged this company to be a forward looking and advanced for its time by naming it according to the famous ‘eureka’ quotation by the Greek physicist Archimedes meaning ‘I found it’. Dating back to 1949, Eureka enterprise produced a vacuum cleaner that now proudly displays an energy rating logos. Eureka brand is now part of the larger conglomerate Electrolux.

Eureka Mighty Mite boasts a twelve amps electric motor giving it powerful suction allowing you to vacuum your floors quickly and effortlessly. It comes equipped with on board tools that also enables you to clean furniture, window blinds and get to those hard to reach places in your car. Ideal for home owners with pets as it sucks cat’s and dog’s hair with ease.

It produces a strong suction, it is easy to manoeuvre, easy to stow away, not too noisy and is a great value for money. It passes all the essential tests with flying colors which is why more people recommend it.

To get the best results, it is recommended that the bag is replaced or emptied even before it appears to be full as some of the small dust particles can significantly decrease the suction power early. If the air flow is subdued, no air can pass through the canister, hence no cleaning can take place. In addition to changing the dust bag often, make sure to clean the filter as well.

This vacuum also allows you to use it as a blower by attaching the hose to the opposite end of the device. You can also adjust the amount of suction by opening and closing the slip ring on the hose handle. Telescopic hose or a wand is height adjustable by pushing the lock button down and pulling on the shaft until it reaches your desired height.

Compared to the more expensive upright vacuum cleaners that can set up back by over $400, this is a great little vacuum that is lightweight and versatile. You also don’t have to mess around with having to empty it out like other bag less vacuum cleaners.

Two extension wands allow you to easily clean cob webs from the ceilings as well as drapes. Eureka Mighty Mite comes with a triple filtration bag system and is also covered by a limited 12 month manufacturer warranty. It has a twenty-foot long power cord with automatic release which allows you to take it with you wherever you go.


The Pros and Cons of Cloth Vs Disposable Diapers

On the off chance that you are one of the numerous guardians who are considering what the upsides and downsides of fabric versus expendable diapers are, at that point you can have confidence realizing you are in good company. While each has itsCloth versus Disposable Diapers own preferences and hindrances, it is in every case best to understand what you are finding yourself mixed up with before you choose. The plan of the fabric diaper has changed significantly in the course of the most recent decade, and it has done as such to improve things. This article will give you some data on the upsides and downsides of each, so you will be more taught and can settle on a choice dependent on your requirements.

Stars of Cloth versus Disposable Diapers – Pro Cloth

It is assessed that near 5 million tons of expendable diapers advance into landfills every year. Which began as a basic methodology for guardians to advantageously and effectively diaper change their infant has incidentally transformed into a worldwide bad dream for the generally diminishing landfill spaces. Also, it can require quite a few years for these diapers to disintegrate. This measurement alone is sufficient to go guardians to the fabric diaper. For the individuals who are worried about the climate, fabric is an essentially more amiable choice for the planet and numerous guardians feel firmly about this when the subject of material versus expendable diapers comes up.

In contrast to dispensable diapers, material renditions are made with just cotton and don’t proceed to pointlessly trouble landfills. Once in a while, a baby might be adversely affected by the strands in expendable brands. They regularly contain the synthetic dioxin, which has been appeared by the EPA to cause sensory system harm, kidney harm, and it has likewise been connected to Toxic Shock Syndrome. The dispensable forms likewise contain colors and scents, which may even reason unfavorably susceptible responses or migraines in guardians and overseers. Material diapers contain no colors, scents or synthetics, and they are a lot gentler to a newborn child’s fragile skin.

Material diapers can be utilized somewhere in the range of 80 and multiple times each, and organizations are making these diapers simpler for guardians, also. They currently arrive in an assortment of sleek prints and strong tones and incorporate snaps or Velcro lashes instead of the larger than usual self locking pins, which is significant for guardians who fear pricking their baby’s skin. Cost is additionally another significant factor for guardians. Adding another option to the family is as of now an expensive endeavor and buying generally $25 or more seven days in diapers isn’t something numerous unexperienced parents anticipate. Then again, fabric diapers can be costly straightforward, yet they do set aside fundamentally more cash down the line.

Cons of Cloth versus Disposable Diapers – Pro Disposable

Material versus Disposable DiapersThe primary explanation numerous guardians decide on the dispensable diaper is that fabric diapers should be put away and afterward washed in the clothes washer. A few guardians discover this task to be tedious and sickening, best case scenario. The accommodation of discarding the diapers is engaging for a bustling family. Essentially, expendable diapers are simpler and more advantageous for guardians whose babies and little youngsters are under the watchful eye of another person during working hours. Truth be told, some childcare communities will just acknowledge, or would prefer to utilize, the expendable rendition; notwithstanding, this pattern is beginning to blur in certain regions. Dispensable diapers are likewise better at spill assurance and sporadically require less diaper changes. Diaper producers are continually concocting better approaches to improve their dispensable brands and make them less inclined to spills, which is a major in addition to for some guardians. They are likewise a lot simpler to utilize when voyaging and changing out in the open. An additional pack would should be taken wherever for fabric removal, while an expendable diaper can be essentially thrown in the waste.

For those guardians who might want to change to fabric, the time and additional power it takes to wash them does not merit the exertion and additional cash. This is particularly obvious when the two guardians are working all day and assets are short. Despite the fact that numerous regions presently offer diaper cleaning administrations, these administrations additionally cost more cash than certain individuals will spend. Numerous guardians who have attempted the two forms additionally guarantee their babies have less diaper rashes with dispensable; nonetheless, guardians who use material diapers guarantee that their variants cause less rashes as well. The two sides actually banter this point when the subject of fabric versus dispensable diapers emerges.

Material Diaper Facts and Opinions

The fabric diaper has made considerable progress in the most recent decade. As an ever increasing number of individuals are going to the acknowledgment of the expendable diaper’s impacts on the climate, producers are making the fabric renditions simpler to utilize and more in vogue. The first material diapers were ordinarily white and utilized huge security pins to hold them set up. A bunch of plastic and vinyl clothing liners were set over the highest point of the diaper. Breaks were a typical event just as regular changings. The present material diapers are profoundly unique. They presently arrive in an assortment of examples and shadings for the two young men and young ladies. Like disposables, they come in enough sizes to fit the baby, and they offer better break insurance. The forms that utilization the security pins are as yet accessible, moderately economical and are regularly discovered anyplace that sells child things. A few forms currently offer Velcro lashes or little snaps that effectively acclimate to a newborn child’s developing size and paunch. Additionally, makers presently offer across the board material diapers, which incorporate the clothing liner previously connected. Since such countless guardians are pushing toward the fabric diaper, there are presently organizations that offer diaper pickup, cleaning a conveyance administration. They will go to your entryway, get any filthy diapers, and drop off new, clean and collapsed diapers for an expense. This assistance is particularly advantageous for families who work extended periods of time, or in any event, for those guardians who simply don’t have any desire to manage washing them. Material diapers can be utilized for different purposes like tidying up wrecks and use as a burp fabric, too. They additionally make incredible residue clothes after their utilization as a diaper has lapsed.

At the point when the opportunity arrives to potty train, numerous guardians appreciate the simplicity of utilizing fabric. Kids will in general be more mindful when they are wet with fabric diapers, which make it simpler for kids to tell their folks when they have utilized the restroom and makes the progress to the latrine that a lot quicker. On the off chance that the youngster’s skin is excessively dry likewise with expendable diapers, at that point potty preparing might be even more a test in light of the fact that the way to appropriate latrine use is the kid’s capacity to recognize when they have recently utilized the washroom.

Dispensable Diaper Facts

The main dispensable diaper was presented in 1948 and today represents 80% of diaper use in the U.S. During the initial thirty years, the diaper represented 0.3 percent of America’s city squander. By 2006, this number leaped to 2.1 percent of America’s city squander. These numbers prompted a few talks for forbidding them; albeit considered, no boycott ever worked out as intended.

The Cabbage Patch Kids were the main plan set on the standard white diapers in 1986. From that point forward, the architect diaper has included Disney characters, Sesame Street and everything in the middle. Continuously 2500, the primary group of diapers from the 21st century will have completed the process of disintegrating.

Picking whether to go with fabric or expendable diapers is an individual choice. Nobody ought to actually cause a parent to feel remorseful for picking one over the other. You may discover, as different guardians have, that exchanging between both fabric and dispensable diapers is the most amazing aspect the two universes. On the off chance that you do conclude that disposables are the awesome you and your family, at that point you should two or three fabric bundles close by in the event of a crisis or in the event that you run out in the center of the evening. Since you have the upsides and downsides of fabric versus expendable diapers, the decision might be simpler to make.



Establish Clothing Rules for Your Teens: Be a Model of Good Fashion for Your Kids

Youngsters, particularly those in their late adolescents, really like to search for their own dress. The styles and plans of the garments they purchase are frequently controlled by their companion gatherings or motivated by what they see the big names they respect in the TV programs wear. All the time the styles and plans of garments a few adolescents decide to wear may not be extremely proper. A few guardians may not be OK with the decision of their youngsters’ apparel styles and plans, hence a few guardians imagine that the best way to have their adolescents to wear fitting garments styles and plans is to set up a garments rule for them. A few teenagers may hold fast to the guidelines just when they are inside the “reach” of their folks, yet once their folks are not reachable, they wear what their companions or big names in TV shows recognize to them. The most ideal approach to get your teenagers to wear suitable garments styles is to give them genuine model by dressing fittingly consistently.

Supplement The Example of Your Clothing Styles and Designs with Clothing Guidelines for Your Teens

Probably the most ideal ways individuals learn is by perception. The vast majority of the things youngsters do are what they notice their folks or different individuals from their families do. The best apparel rule guardians can build up for their adolescents is the model they set by their own dress styles and plans. Children see how their folks dress when going to work, to the shopping center, strolling around the area or going to any festival. Your kids do observe and will without a doubt imitate your dressing styles. The impression you make on your children and the pride they have in seeing the manner you dress will probably make them to follow your strides. On the off chance that you start to lead the pack to build up a legitimate and great dressing “culture” in your family it will be hard for your children to go astray from that great culture. On the off chance that your teenagers purchase garments you consider in proper, utilize that as a chance to show them by revealing to them why certain garments styles are unseemly and why they ought not emulate each dress style they see big names wear. Advise them that also, the essential capacity of garments which is to shield our bodies from the components, another capacity of garments is to improve our magnificence and poise.

Instead of setting up apparel rules for your adolescents, you may consider giving them rules to help them settle on fitting decision of their dress styles and plans. A portion of the rules could be; any attire style or plan that don’t upgrade an individual’s poise is unseemly, (for example, garments that are excessively straightforward, dresses or skirts that are excessively short or excessively close, and dresses, tops or shirts that have exceptionally low cleavage). In the event that your children are all around educated about what apparel styles and plans are wrong and furthermore upheld by great attire culture in the family they will be well “outfitted” to oppose pressure from their friends. As opposed to surrendering to peer-pressure, they will be acceptable garments style models for their companions.

It is essential to take note of that proper apparel styles don’t need to be exhausting or bygone. For garments to engage youngsters they must be trendy and simultaneously exquisite, so you ought to urge your adolescents to look for physical garments stores or on-line attire stores that convey sharp and rich teenagers’ dress.



Uber and Lyft Alert! Read This First Before Requesting Your First Ride

Here are a few tips to help your getting-around-town experience, be the best it can be.

Imagine having to travel for business or on vacation to a new area that is far away from home. Maybe you have not done a lot of traveling over the years so you think your only option is a TaxiCab service.

The majority of people traveling around the world trust that these services are honorable and would never take advantage of someone unfamiliar with the area.

So now that you have made all your flight and maybe even hotel arrangements, you have one last thing to consider, “How in the world am I going to get from point A to point B?” If you were lucky enough to book a hotel that has a shuttle service, your problems are solved as long as it’s within the operating hours.

If you find that your destination from the airport or bus station has no shuttle and you have no friends or family with available transportation, what do you do now? One option would be to hail a TaxiCab or another option would be a Ride-Sharing program, which just recently became a viable alternative within the last 10 years.

TaxiCabs have over 100 years of history in the United States with worldwide history that dates back to the 1870s. As you can see this profession has a long history with 100’s of millions of individuals who have used the service or have worked within the industry.

In the age of abundance and technology we as consumers are afforded the luxury of having many more options. The new kids on the block are called ride-sharing programs which use smart phone technology, cellular data networks, and the phone application to link it all together. As long as the service is available in the city you are currently located, you can request a ride at the push of a button and expect a car to show up within 10 – 15 minutes, on average.


Secrets of Amsterdam, The Facts – Chapter 2

Amsterdam 750.000 occupants, is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which, aside from the actual Netherlands, contains the Netherlands Antilles and the Island of Aruba.

Rulers are generally initiated in the Nieuwe Kerk church close to the Royal Palace on Dam Square, which is viewed as the core of the country.

For quite a long time, life in the Netherlands has been propelled by Amsterdam, where individuals from essentially every country and culture feel comfortable.

Since the Netherlands turned into an inherited government in 1813, the three lords and three sovereigns of the House of Orange-Nassau who have prevailing to the seat have all been put resources into Amsterdam. Nonetheless, the dominant head of state, Queen Beatrix, was the principal ruler to wed here also, when she wedded Claus von Amsberg on 10 March 1966, in the Westerkerk church. Her oldest child, Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, will emulate her example.

The name Amsterdam gets from the dam on the Amstel River on which the city was fabricated. The name (Amstelledamme/Amstelredamme) is first recorded in 1275. In the gazetteer the name of Amsterdam additionally shows up in Georgia, Idaho and Ohio, in South Africa, at Spitsbergen and among the islands in the Indian Ocean. New York was initially a Dutch foundation known as New Amsterdam, with a ‘walstraat’ (Wall Street) and a ‘bouwerij’ (Bowery), and quarters bearing the names of related spots, for example, Haarlem (Harlem) and Breukelen (Brooklyn). Indeed, even the name ‘Yankee’ begins in the Dutch names Jan and Kees.

The city Amsterdam is based on a four-meter-thick layer of peat, with a base of sand and earth to around 11 meters beneath N.A.P. (Amsterdam Ordnance Datum).All structures are built on heaping establishments produced using tree-trunks or cement.

Simply a century back, Amsterdam Noord – the district north of the IJ – included minimal more than farmland behind old Zuiderzee dykes. The development of the North Holland Canal (1824) and the North Sea Canal (1870) from the outset pulled in oceanic businesses, primarily transport manufacturers. The principal houses were inherent 1914, trailed by garden rural areas.

For the following 20 years it appeared as though Amsterdam planned to grow a northerly way, however from the 1920s onwards an inclination developed for the polders toward the south and south-west of the city, where huge new rural areas are today.The principle purpose behind this was at first the unbridgeable water – without punt ships the North was difficult to reach. From that point forward, notwithstanding, the suburb north of the IJ has developed into a blended assortment of neighborhoods in with 83,000 occupants, effectively reachable by passages and scaffolds.

City hall leader of Amsterdam is the top of the police of Amsterdam-Amstelland, a local police power in which Amsterdam works together with the Municipalities of Amstelveen, Aals-meer, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel and Uithoorn. The region covers 357 square kilometers and has 875,000 occupants.



Introduction to Arabic Phrases and Language

Native speakers of Arabic, residing in Northern Africa and Middle East speak different versions of Arabic. These versions differ from place to place. These versions at times are not intelligible with each other. So people use some medial language that has common features of all versions to communicate. Standard Arabic is widely taught in schools and colleges and also used as the language of communications in offices and work places too.

‘Old north Arabian’, a dialect group, which is attested in Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions of the fourth century, has only one surviving member – ‘the Classic Arabic’. Modern standard Arabic is derived from the Classic Arabic. Since the day if birth of Islam in the seventh century, Classic Arabic has been its literary and liturgical language.

Many other languages use words whose language of origin is Arabic. During the middle age Arabic was very much used in Europe for the study of culture, science, mathematics and physics. Mostly Mediterranean languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Maltese, and Sicilian use many Arab words in their dialect. This may be mainly because of close relations between Arab and European civilizations and the Arab rule in the Iberian Peninsula (extreme southwest of Europe, modern-day Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar and some portions of France) for 700 years.

On the other hand Arabic has also borrowed words from other Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Latin and Syrian. It has also recently borrowed some words from modern day European languages.

Arabic is associated with Islam much often. The language of Quran is Arabic. But the language is also spoken by Arabic Christians, Arab Druze, Iraqi Mandaeans and Mizrahi Jews. Majority of Muslims cannot speak Arabic but they can read the script that is written in their religious book. Muslims often consider Arabic as the language that God chose to speak to humans with.

Arabic is apparently not the easiest of the languages. But it has a great history and tradition. It is one of the most captivating languages that if you learn will ever speak. Not many whose first or second language is not Arabic can speak Arabic. But those who do are proud of it.