The Number 8 in Tamil Numerology

8 as a Psychic Number aligns with serious, heavy, achievement-driven personalities. You tend to be driven by doing (rather than allowing things to just happen), and sometimes you’re a good judge of character. Still, there are moments where you are a little slow to connect all the dots. You are business-minded and you enjoy the luxurious life, but be careful about being too materialistic. You are able to manage your wealth (when you want to) and fame when you put your mind to it. Get ready for a rollercoaster, because you may find you have many up’s and down’s when it comes to your finances.

Often, you are independent and stubborn. Others may see you as the outlaw or scapegoat if you regularly clash with authority. You may find you are often frustrated by limitations (both your own and that of others.) Your confident aire may be intimidating to others. Daredevil, arrogant, serious, a loner, and reliable may also be terms that describe you. You are brave and can keep a cool head during times of emergency (you may breakdown after the threat has passed, however.) 8’s prefer to work alone, and doing so, they accomplish much.

As a Destiny Number in Indian numerology, 8’s struggle with disagreements, stalled opportunities and rejection. 8’s have wonderful endurance and ambition, which can get out of control if they continue to burn their candles at both ends. They tend to be success-minded, desiring fame and material luxury. In Tamil Numerology, a person with 8 for a destiny number wants to deliver something major in life and manifest a legacy. If you are an 8 here, you tend to isolate yourself others. On your darker side, you may get entangled with the law and substance abuse, and be prone to addictions and depression and extreme “states of consciousness”. Be careful with all that power. A reckless 8 may age prematurely, have suicidal tendencies, easily feel unwanted or unloved, or neglected or rejected. You must learn to harness your considerable power for the good of all in order for you to be satisfied.

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