Poker Deposit Bonus Lifecycle

There are various types of poker deposit bonuses to cater to every stage a player goes through as he plays a game of poker. A player, new to the online poker game site, may be offered an instant cash bonus when he signs up to play at the site. Although this is not of normal practice, some sites are willing to stoop to such levels in a bid to woo players and potential clients. As it is eating into their margin, this bonus is usually quite minimal in amount to not make too much of a dent. However, it is sufficient to whet the player’s appetite and hopefully convince him or her to stick around for better things ahead.

The standard signup bonus is awarded based on the initial amount deposited by the new registrant. As a show of gratitude as well as the proverbial act of dangling the irresistible carrot, the site matches this deposited amount into a bonus based on a pre-determined percentage up to a stated maximum value. Depending on the gaming policies of each site, this bonus is released for use as the player plays the required number of hands. This is known as the process of clearing one’s bonus. As the player continues to play more hands at the online poker game, he is bound to win or lose, hopefully more of the former than latter from his point of view. In the event he wishes to top up his depleting account, he can do so and enjoy a reload bonus at the same time. This form of bonus serves as an incentive for players to stay with the site as reload of a specific amount also gives him extra bonus to play with. Although similar in principle to the signup bonus in terms of amount matching, the reload matching percentage is normally much lower. These online games are played within a digital community, no different from its origins in the physical masses. In its bid to draw in more from the crowds, some online poker sites offer another form of poker deposit bonus based on the concept of referrals. Having learnt a thing or two from multi-level marketing, the power of the word of mouth is something to be harnessed. Amounts tend to be minimal and are based on number of referrals who successfully sign up.

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